Young Dairy Network

The Young Dairy Network represents the young dairy farmers in
Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Our networks are driven by young farmers for young farmers. Membership is typically made up of young innovative farmers who are adopters and seekers of information.

The Young Dairy Network is a great way to mix with positive people like you and combine business with fun.

Subtropical Dairy

What we are here for…

The purpose of the Young Dairy Network is to enhance the future viability of the dairy Industry through supporting its young people. Our membership is typically made up of young innovative farmers who are adopters and seekers of information.

We have six groups across Queensland and Northern New South Wales that deliver social and training activities within the region. Because our networks are based on young local needs we try hard to deliver activities that are not only relevant and timely but also enjoyable to attend.

If you work in any aspect of the dairy industry and are under 40, contact your local co-ordinator and find out what’s happening around the traps.

Young Dairy Network

YDN Advisory Committee

Our Purpose

  • Foster the continued development of the Young Farmers Networks ensuring their continued sustainability
  • Provide considered direction and leadership to the Young Farmer Networks
  • Provide recommendations to Subtropical Dairy regarding future goals, gaps challenges and funding opportunities for the network
  • Ensure that applications for future funding for network activities are high quality and in line with the strategic direction of the networks
  • Provide guidance and mentoring to Operational Steering committees, by addressing their concerns and recommending approaches to challenges
  • Foster the collaborative partnerships within the Networks ensuring effective and efficient use of industry resources
  • Oversee project budget and financial management processes
  • Maintain a strategic focus within discussion topics.


The Subtropical Dairy Young Dairy Network (YDN) provides a connection for farmers and service providers within the dairy industry to share ideas and experiences and learn together. Our network is made up of young farmers, farm employees and service providers to the dairy industry. We are a non-political and a not-for-profit organisation. Our network is expansive with our 400+ members spread across the northern Australian dairy regions from Kempsey in New South Wales to the Atherton Tableland in Queensland.

We have an overarching Project Advisory Committee made up of representatives from across the six sub regions of Subtropical Dairy. The committee provides governance and guidance to the project and its activities. Each of the sub regions also has a locally based committee that is armed with making decisions about technical and social activities to be held throughout the year.

The key aims of the YDN are:

To provide encouragement, support and opportunities for young farmers and professionals to develop the technical knowledge and skills they require to make informed decisions in their business; build the communication and leadership skills they require to fulfil key roles in the dairy industry and community; and communicate and build relationships with key industry, agribusiness and government contacts that can assist them to develop their businesses.

To create a supportive network environment where young dairy farmers and professionals can act autonomously; share challenges and successes; inspire one another to grow and develop their businesses; and boost morale through challenging periods.

Current Advisory Committee

Brad Granzin – SDP Executive Officer

Alicia Richters – Project Supervisor

Kieran Bourke – Chair and Darling Downs YDN Rep

Tim Bradley – Vice-chair and Sunshine Coast YDN Rep

Jai Wooldridge – Far North Coast NSW Rep

Kylie Dennis – Subtropical Dairy YDN Coordinator Rep

Paul Judge – Subtropical Dairy Board Rep

Kieran Ison – Qld Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Rep

Regions and Staff

There are six YDN Regions across Subtropical Dairy. Each region has an Operational Steering Committee (OSC) made up of young farmers from that region. The OSC is the leading consultative group of young farmers at a regional level, setting the direction of events and activities for that region so that members needs are being met at a local level.

The current YDN regions are the Darling Downs, South East Queensland, Sunshine Coast, Far North Queensland, Far North and Mid North Coasts of NSW.

Alicia Richters

Alicia Richters

Program Manager
South East Qld,
Mid North Coast &
Far North Coast, NSW

M | 0427 916 650 
Email Alicia

Belinda Haddow

Darling Downs

M | 0423 003 638
Email Belinda

Kylie Dennis

Kylie Dennis

Sunshine Coast

M | 0456 191 965
Email Kylie

Jo Srhoj

Jo Srhoj

Far North Qld

M | 0458 065 695
Email Jo

Our Sponsors

The Young Dairy Network is managed by Subtropical Dairy Programme Ltd. 
We are thankful for the support of our sponsors who make the network possible.

Young Dairy Network Australia
BEC Feed Solutions

The Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry is also a major stakeholder of YDN.

We invite all businesses and individuals to review sponsorship opportunities and find out
ways you can be more involved with our network.

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