Managing Fall Armyworm

Fall Armyworm on Northern Australian dairy farms

Fall armyworm (FAW) is a key pest in Australian cropping and dependent industries such as dairy. Fall armyworm is reported to feed on over 350 host plants and can cause significant damage to maize, sorghum and C4 pastures. Please below some links for more information regarding identifying, potential impacts on maize and sorghum, and controlling fall armyworm.

Further information on Fall Armyworm can be found on the Dairy Australia website.

 1. Identification

Fall armyworm larval idetification guide

2. Impacts on summer forages

Potential impact of fall armyworm on corn or maize

Potential impact of fall armyworm on sorghum

3. Control

Control of fall armyworm

Fall armyworm – A biological approach

4. Choosing a forage this summer

Fall armyworm – Decisions regarding silage crops