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Tropical Grasses PDF, 442 KB

Kikuyu, PDF, 342 KB

Maize, PDF 950 KB

Sorghum, PDF 533 KB

Lablab, cowpeas and soybeans, PDF 519 KB

Lucerne, PDF 511 KB

Annual, irrigated high density ryegrass pastures, PDF 423 KB

Ryegrass and clover/herb mixtures, PDF 296 KB

Prairie Grass, PDF 299 KB

Perennial irrigated pastures, PDF 294 KB

Oats, PDF 355 KB

Barley, PDF 589 KB

Feed Spreadsheets

Home grown feed costs for dairy farmers

The Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has compiled this collection of home grown feed costs, as part of the C4 Milk project, to assist dairy farmers in feed budgeting and assist in the modelling of Queensland dairy systems.

All the following costings are available to download below in Excel format. With these spreadsheets you can add your own data and calculate your own costing of feeds.

These costings have been developed after speaking to dairy farmers across south east Queensland to determine typical management practices for different crops and pastures. Inputs prices have been sourcedfrom local rural merchandising outlets.

Booklet – Home grown feed costs for dairy farmers

Download these excel files and save to your computer.

Barley spreadsheet

Bisset Grass spreadsheet

Brassica spreadsheet

Chicory Plantain Clover spreadsheet

Fescue spreadsheet

Fodderbeet spreadsheet

Gatton panic spreadsheet

Kikuyu spreadsheet

Lab Lab spreadsheet

Lucerne spreadsheet

Maize spreadsheet

Millet spreadsheet

Oats & Vetch spreadsheet

Oats spreadsheet

Pea field spreadsheet

Prairie spreadsheet

Rhodes grass spreadsheet

Ryegrass spreadsheet

Sorghum – Forage spreadsheet

Sorghum – Grain spreadsheet

Soybean spreadsheet

Triticale spreadsheet

Turnip spreadsheet

Wheat spreadsheet