Dairy Predict

Dairy Predict is a dairy feed base and enterprise planning decision aid for the subtropical dairy industry, which can also be used in temperate regions.

Data for a large number of subtropical and temperate forages are contained in a database included in the program. The database contains monthly dry matter production and ME content of a range of forages. Forage grown each month, which is surplus to requirements, can have grazing deferred to the next month or the surplus conserved and fed back later. Single cut forages can also be included in the forage plan.

Dairy herds to graze this forage plan can be described. Herds can have different calving patterns, live weight, milk composition and production potential.  Similarly, different supplementary feed plans can be described. The program includes an extensive library of supplementary forages and concentrates. You can also include your own supplements to be available for all analyses.


How do I get a copy?

  1. Click on the button below and save the file to your computer. File size 8 MB.
  2. A new folder will be created “DP14Install″.
  3. Run the file “DP14Install.exe” in this folder. This will self-extract the required files, then follow the prompts to install.