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An extension service for dairy farmers and those who work within the Northern dairy industry. Subtropical Dairy partners with the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland to provide the latest R&D outcomes and contemporary technical resources.

Drought Information

Resources to assist in managing dry conditions

Regional News

Northern Horizons is Subtropical Dairy’s newsletter published bi-monthly. It delivers a range of industry information tailored for our region


The University of Queensland Gatton Campus is located on the Warrego Highway an hour and half drive west of Brisbane, Queensland.


A learning and social network for young farmers, farm employees and service providers in the subtropical dairy industry.


The Queensland Dairy Accounting Scheme (QDAS) is a service of the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. It was established to improve the understanding of business principles among advisors and dairy farmers by providing farm management accounting and analysis.

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A series of resources to help northern Australian dairy businesses estimate the potential profit from making business changes

Fall Armyworm

Fall Army Worm

A key pest in many Australian agricultural industries. Links to information to help identify and control fall armyworm

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Subtropical Dairy


Subtropical Dairy is a not-for-profit research, development, extension and education company, limited by guarantee. It is led by a skills-based board elected by subtropical dairy farmers.

During 2021-2022, in conjunction with industry partners, Subtropical Dairy delivered $1 million worth of projects that focus on improving the profitability and sustainability of dairy farms. Subtropical Dairy receives its core funding from Dairy Australia and the Dairy Services Levy.